CLUSTER has diversified its solution and service portfolio to include data-oriented, big data, and data analytics solutions and services. This includes data preparation, AI/ML logic, and business intelligence (BI) solutions, as well as consulting services. We have a strong reputation in various industries, with significant customer references in manufacturing, retail, and other sectors.

The mobile-first, cloud-first era has led to an enormous growth in data, both structured and unstructured. In today’s business landscape, this data is vital for remaining competitive and surviving. Companies can harness this vast amount of data through big data implementations and beyond that, leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) technologies. For example, e-KYC and facial recognition play a significant role in unlocking the value of data for businesses.

CLUSTER is now equipped to help customers with innovative solutions such as advanced analytics, AI/ML, big data, and blockchains through our team of consultants who are domain experts in various businesses including banking, insurance, manufacturing, and food and beverages. Our solutions and services portfolio includes the following: